Contagious 5 xWays Programmer Nolimit Evidently, the East Coast vs. West Coast version of City’s Infectious xWays feature was so much fun that it’s making a comeback.

The group has now relocated to a futuristic planet where only superheroes can survive in a poisonous environment, far from the fluro, graffiti, hip hop, and beat infested urban neighborhoods of the 1990s. attention Infectious 5 xWays, the developer has zeroed attention on the Infectious xWays feature, which is accompanied by a number of free-spin bonus games and, of course, substantial payouts.

The burden of making ends meet in a society flipped upside down has blurred the lines between morality, survival, and humanity. Superhero character icons sprinkle the 5-reel, 1,024-ways-to-win game grid with a Marvel/DC flair. Nolimit City’s scenario is situated in an industrial environment, complete with cranes, chains, sparks, and blurred towers in the distance, alluding to some sort of industrial hive planet. In addition, a heroic, dramatic, and bombastic score is provided.  It’s not the explosion of vibrant color that East Coast vs. West Coast was, but it’s an evocative image and unlike anything Nolimit has attempted previously.

Use of Harvey Dent’s foreboding words, “You either die a hero, or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain,” is a perfect example of how comic books can repeat a message. The ‘Extremely’ explosive mathematical model of Infectious 5 xWays, scored 10 out of 10 by the creator, is described in this lyrical fashion; be prepared. The RTP varies as normal, with two possible values: 96.02% (the best case scenario), and 94.27% (the worst case scenario). The win percentage is 31.43 percent, and players may wager anywhere between 20 pence and £/€50/100 every spin, regardless on the device they’re using.

In Infectious 5 xWays, players win when three or more contiguous symbols from the leftmost reel form a winning combination. Havoc, Mind Flayer, Torch, Misery, and Toxicity are the character tiles with the highest payouts for 5 of a kind, paying out 4 times your wager, followed by 10-A low payments, which pay out 1 to 1.25 times your wager for 5 of a kind. The paytable also includes two more symbols that will be discussed below, leaving just the standard wild symbol. This one looks like a big, yellow ‘W’ tile and may be used in lieu of any standard pay to make together a winning hand.

Slot Features: Contagious 5 xWays

East Coast vs. West Coast features heavily on Infectious 5 xWays, where xWays and Infectious xWays have become well-known cultural phenomena. Three other free-spin bonus games supplement these two additions.

xWays symbols can substitute for any icon other than wilds and scatters when they land. When this happens, the reels might grow by an additional two or three symbols of the same kind, giving players more opportunities to win. There can be a maximum of 110,592 active ways.

The Infectious xWays bonus round is activated whenever a wild symbol and an xWays symbol appear on the reels at the same time. Any other occurrence of the same symbol type on the grid is also infected, growing in the same way as the xWays symbol.

The free spins bonus round is activated by landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols, and there are two variations available.

Each of the 9 or 10 infected plays in Toxic Hazard has a random occurrence of 1 to 5 wilds on the middle three reels. In other words, xWays symbols will always and immediately activate Infectious xWays.

Lock n’ Load has additional risk due to its higher number of infectious spins (7 or 8). Each time a wild symbol appears during this bonus, the player receives an additional free spin. Landing an xWays symbol ensures Infectious xWays, and Wilds can receive a multiplier of x2 or x3.

If you manage to gather a total of five scatter symbols anywhere in the main game or the first two bonus rounds, you’ll trigger Infectious Spins: Mayhem.

All Infectious 5 symbols will combine into 1 Golden Infectious 5 symbol throughout your 12 Infectious Spins in Toxic Hazard Mayhem. While in this state, any infected xWays will only show the golden infectious 5 icons.

All Infectious 5 symbols will combine into 1 Golden Infectious 5 symbol throughout your 10 Infectious Spins in Lock ‘n Load Mayhem. While in this state, any infected xWays will only show the golden infectious 5 icons.

Bonus purchase choices are also available in Infectious 5 xWays. Direct access to any of the three bonus games costs between 75 and 555 times the player’s initial wager.

Slots: The Contagious 5 xWays Verdict

Reusing the same feature in a different game so soon after the release of the first would be seen as cynical coming from a weaker firm. Not so with Nolimit City, who manage to release a game deserving of the “game of the year” category every single month. Instead of seeming like a rehash, the studio was able to really push the one feature into some innovative new territory. East Coast vs. West Coast matches with Infectious xWays have already been captured on film, and the results are impressive. This will happen again and again in Infectious 5 xWays.

The combination of Infectious xWays with locked wilds, or even better, locked multiplier wilds, is devastating. By doing this, Lock n’ Load spins, and especially Mayhem Mode, get an insane amount of volatility and payoff. East Coast vs. West Coast’s fantastically rich theme utilization, which yanked you out of the present and dropped you into the greatest portions of the ’90s, isn’t there in this game. Unlike many other games, Nolimit’s winning potential of 55,555 times the bet occurs very frequently (once every 28 million spins). Despite the fact that big amounts are frequently bandied around in slots, Nolimit City games are among the very few that we have witnessed routinely surpassing their win maximum. All of the games in San Quentin xWays are guaranteed moneymakers, from the lowly 200k of Bushido Ways xNudge to the mind-blowing 2 million of Fire in the Hole xBomb.

Infectious 5 xWays are, like all such computers, extremely unstable. Like its kind, this one is sure to enrage, exasperate, and torture, especially when something that should have been an Infectious xWays classic fails to click. It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it’s just as spectacular as everything else Nolimit has done this year and is nearly certain to be featured in a highlight reel at some point.

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